The end of this blog

Hello, I think I've come to an end with my blogging life (at the moment at least)
I don't sit by the computer very often anymore and I have no Internet to my phone so
I won't be updating regularly. And it's a lot goign on in school now.
We have special tests and it's my senior year at secondary school.
Then I'm of to high school. (Where I'm going to study Videogame sound and music)
  Perhaps I'll start a new blog in August/September where I'll post about my school projects, music, videogames and my own music. Yes, I write music but I'm not posting it anywhere.

But I want to thank all of you for more than 11 000 views since I started this blog^^.
I've had this blog for a little over one year and it's been really fun updating. :3
But sadly interests changes and I don't spend much time in front of the computer.
And when I do, I usually play computer games, read manga or watch anime. Which
isn't so fun neither writing or reading about.

I'm going to keep this blog up for a while - well...it is kinda like a dairy for me
and  I don't see why I should delete it yet.

Well...that's it...Good bye...or rather...Mata ne!



Hello everyone.
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for visiting my page wven though I'm not uploading anything at the moment.^^
To tell the truth I don't feel very well....(mentally, not physically).
I hope that on this page, my own page, I can be honest without any mean comments.
This is who I am. Nothing less, nothing more.
In 2012 I felt like crap. I cried very often, didn't spend much time with friends and lived in "my own world" on my spare time. I hated it. I'm a bit overweight and I'm lazy...but I really don't have any motivation to train - it felt really meaningless.

On new years eve (2013) I wished that this year, I'm going to change.
And it begin fairly welll. I cryed less. I talked to a older person about my life.
I never considered my life "important" it felt like no one really cared for me.
I had strange interests, well I didn't have the same as my friends. I felt lonely and I was used to just listen to what others had done. Sometimes I didn't even want to live anymore.

But this week has been really hard for me. Old feelings and thoughts are haunting me and I pray and talk to my God as often as I can and I talk to my parents. Today I even told some friends that  I hadn't felt well last year. But I know that I can make a different and I'll make 2013 the best year ever, I hope you guys will have an awesome time too! :D



btw, I've started on my Lambo cosplay^^
Yay, it's such a beautiful day today. :3
But I'm going to clean my room now :/ The snow it really glittering in the sunlight,
I'm thinking about maybe go for a walk. But it's Saturday...I'm really tired from yesterday
(I was at a "party" in my church)
So today I'm also going to watch lots of anime and be associable.^^
Fairy Tail, Boku wa tomodachi ga Sukani Next, Tengen Toppa Gurren Langann, Kore wa Zombie desu ka?, HOTD and some other animes and perhaps some mangas are on the list of today. 8D

But the list is probably going to change - it usually do that.



pic from my first convention
Aww, Tomorrow it's KifuCon in Eskilstuna and I won't be going D:
I really wanted to go...It's been a month since my last convention and I really want to meet everyone again. And there is going to be a hairstylist there who can style wigs very well so I hoped that he
could cut my Tora wig ;__;

...It's a shame really...But I guess I'll have to syle it by myself.
I hope it will turn out alright OwO


I'm so sorry!

Hello world!
I'm supposed to be asleep right now but I can't help but to
be sorry for not updating about my current situation.

As you may have noticed, I haven't been updating for a few days...
But don't worry about me! I haven't used my computer this week at all.
I've been rather busy. It's a lot going on at school and on my spare time it's homework,
yoga, my own training, lots of piano and song exercises so I haven't had time for you guys.

Please, stay tuned. Tomorrow or on Friday I will begin to upload regularly again.
Hope you'll have a good day tomorrow! :3

nighty night!


My first convention...

...as a functionary!
Yes, it's decided I'm going to ÅttCon (EightCon) as a funtionary. :3
Gee..it's my first time. 8D I'm going to be at the information table and do
"impoooortant" wooorkuuu ^^ (I hope^^)
Well, I hope that I can do my work as good as I can. I'm a bit afraid that my
shyness will make it difficult for me but hopefully the other personnel will help me.^^

As you maybe understand I'm really exited for this, it's so much mixed feelings and thoughts about
this. Half of my brain says "No, back down before it's too late, you shouldn't do this. You wont do a good job and people will think that you are a little cry baby" while the other half says
"Hey, just say yes! You want to do this right? So what's the problem? Don't care about what other people may think!
You are yourself and some convention has to be the first, right?"

Haha, so I have a bit of a dilemma with myself.^^
But of course I'll say yes. :3

good night everyone!

Na na

Oh Hiiiii!
It's the first weekend since school started and I haven't done anything :D
Hhaha, well tonight my band is going to play and before that I will make
dinner and hopefully play lots of piano and perhaps clean my room or brush my cats.^^

Well, now I have to go. I have to take care of some stuff before the dinner.^^


Apple Pie :D

Good evening folks^^ I've just returned from my first piano lesson of this year. :D
It was rather interesting and I'm looking forward to next week.
And right now I'm really happy at the moment because I'm eating my own home-made apple pie
and I'm going to play some The Sims 3, which I haven't played for several month. :3

Oh, about that Lindsey Stirling concert next week...I can't go D:
The school that I'm attending after the summer holiday is having a day when you can go to the school
and ask questions, see how the school is etc. Which I find more important to go to.



Gaaah!!! I've considerer of getting the game "Just Dance" several times but
now I'm even more obsess with buying it!
Watch this video and I'm sure you'll understand why OwO

It's LINDSEY -amazing- STARLING!!!!

Oh, and btw. Lindsey is doing a tour in the US and Europe!
She will come to Stockholm as well :D:D (the capital of Sweden, my country)
Though I life quite far away from Stockholm and need to save money I'll ask my parents if we can go^^ It's quite expensive too O__O Gaaaaah I want a VIP-ticket!!


Back 2 school again...

Well, it was fun...having holiday...but now it's over and it's time to
head back for school.